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Chocopad 3D Printed Case

Chocopad 3D Printed Case

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Items are made to order. Due to order volume, please expect 5-10 days to make the items before shipping, more days for large quantities.

3D printed case parts for a "Chocopad" macropad by Keebio. Each order includes Top and Bottom pieces. The PCB from Keebio is required for to complete the build. Click here to view the Keebio guide for installing 3D printed cases. 

If you purchased the Chocopad Rev. 2 when it first came out, then you have the X1 version. The latest batch of PCBs is the X2 version.

All filament is made completely in the US. Using the clear filament allows for LED lighting to shine through, and is a popular choice for the bottom layers. Product photos show "Hot Pink" for the tops and "Soul Black" for the bottoms. Click here to see samples of all colors.

If you have any custom requirements, such as different color preferences, send me a message and I can do my best to accommodate your needs.

Tree Dog Studio is a preferred vendor for Keebio parts. The rest of the components required to build your keyboard can be found on the Keebio store.

Tree Dog Studio only ships parts which meet high quality standards, but please keep in mind that this product contains 3D printed parts. There will be signs of the 3D print process, but this isn't a bad thing! Embrace the look of this modern manufacturing method! View full details