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MiSTer Multisystem Enclosure

MiSTer Multisystem Enclosure

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Items are made to order. Due to order volume, please expect 5-10 days to make the items before shipping, more days for large quantities.
This is the latest V6x 2023 version of the Multisystem case.

This case is designed to house the MiSTer Multisystem and mimics the retro stylings of old school consoles. New releases of the case that improve printability and/or tweak the visual appearance may be used, but the features and functionality will not change from what is pictured.

According to Richard Horne, the project designer, this case offers excellent airflow to keep the system cool while looking stylish. Each case is 203 x 180 x 50mm.

Every case includes the following:
  • The top and bottom case shell
  • Red reset button
  • Blue and yellow user buttons
  • Front add-on port cover - full size
  • Front add-on port cover - cartridge size
  • One rear port panel
  • One front USB panel
  • 3 16mm black spacers for DE10-nano
  • 2 thumb screw heads for rear port
  • Adhesive feet (not 3D printed)

If you have custom needs that differ from the items listed above, please contact us before submitting your order. Most requests can be fulfilled, but some changes or additions may incur additional costs that need to be included in the order.

The MiSTer Multisystem board is required, and is not included. Information on this project can be found here.

Additional Required Hardware:

  • 12 x 3M 8mm countersunk polyfix screws – shown here
  • 4 x 3M hex nut inserts – shown here
  • 4 x M3 countersunk bolts – shown here

Please note, the links provided are just to illustrate the parts. Compatible hardware can be found from many suppliers.

Sample case was printed in "Gray Sparkle" filament.

The enclosure was designed by Richard Horne (RichRap) for Heber Ltd. and RMC Retro. Design files can be found at the project page on Printables. This project page also contains assembly documentation and information.

Tree Dog Studio only ships parts which meet high quality standards, but please keep in mind that this product contains 3D printed parts. There will be signs of the 3D print process, but this isn't a bad thing! Embrace the look of this modern manufacturing method! View full details